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You can lead a dog to water

It's hardly news that the pet market makes a handy mirror of American's anxieties and misplaced priorities. But bottled water for dogs?

The people quoted in this article sound as if they've met Mesmer himself. If these owners are to be believed, PetRefresh is the solution for animals so domesticated that they have lost their instinct to drink. Dig the woman who gives this stuff to her hamster. She probably thinks that he is happier than ever, but if Dr. Agnes J. Thomas could talk to the hamster, all it would probably say is "Let me out of this fucking cage."

Posted by Charles Star on 03/12/2005 | Permalink


i clipped out an ad from ny times, apr 14, 1982, page c7 (and it's right in front of me now), for JUICE TREAT - 'the first beefy flavor drink for dogs', from rosebrand products, inc. includes 15cent coupon. (why am i getting thirsty? and, feeling all itchy? and why am i barking now? oooh, the power of advertising.)

Posted by: herb | Mar 13, 2005 1:30:59 PM

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