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Name This Book

A contest sponsored by Campus Progress to name Ann Coulter's next book had one simple rule, the format had to be a single word followed by an explanatory subtitle. After soul-searching and careful deliberation of the over a hundred entries, they found a winner: "Roosevelt: Wheelchair-Riding, America-Hating Terrorist" submitted by Ryan Sniatecki, 26, of Baltimore. A close runner-up: "Democracy: The Liberal Plot to Feed Your Children to the Poor."

Ms. Coulter's response to the contest, according to the Washington Post:
"Well, at least now they're trying to be funny, a welcome change from all the vomiting and fainting after the election season." Sorry, Ms. Coulter, but given your continued presence, vomiting and fainting season isn't over yet.

Posted by Rachel Neumann on 03/02/2005 | Permalink


Isn't Ms. Coulture like, a Dude?
This is what i've heard anyway.

Posted by: Paul | Mar 7, 2005 2:26:27 PM

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