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Wizard People screening in NYC

UPDATE: Wizard People is once again downloadable. See the Illegal Art Exhibit for the bittorrent files. (Thanks to Downhill Battle for their handy Blog Torrent software.)

Those of you in NYC will have a rare chance to see Wizard People, Dear Reader performed LIVE next week at Anthology Film Archives. (If you're not familiar with the movie, see Daniel Radosh's article on Brad Neely will be here in-person, narrating the story, which is based on the first Harry Potter movie.

For those of you not in NYC, I'm hoping to get a BitTorrent of the audio files working again soon on the Illegal Art Exhibit site so you can download and watch it in the comfort of your own home. For those who want to give us money, you can buy our Wizard People CD package instead.

Screening info:
Anthology Film Archives
Friday, March 4, 8 pm

Posted by carrie on 02/22/2005 | Permalink


I saw this live in Austin last year. It's an amazing and rib-hurting experience. Go!

Posted by: John | Mar 3, 2005 11:04:23 PM

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