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Sony is at it again

Sony/ATV has sent a cease and desist notice to Beatallica for using Beatles songs without permission. Instead of going after the band and its label, Sony sent the notice to its internet service provider and demanded that the ISP ( remove all Beatallica music, news, and merchandise.

This, incidentally, is the same tactic Sony used to try to get the Illegal Art Exhibit to remove DJ Dangermouse's Grey Album. (In fact, we only heard about the cease-and-desist through our ISP.) We were fortunate enough to have the EFF in our corner and so after switching to a free-speech ISP and writing a response, Sony backed down. But these guys have a tougher case.

As of now, the music clips remain online. I haven't heard them yet but the Bittorent files are moving at a brisk pace; if we get approval, perhaps I'll add them to the Illegal Art Exhibit.

Posted by carrie on 02/17/2005 | Permalink


I'm the webmaster (of puppets) for Beatallica. I just wanted to clear up one small point-- Sony couldn't have come after our label because there *is* no label. All of Beatallica's material has been free for download since day one, and we do not sell any CD's. We were even careful that the merchandise we do sell (t-shirts) does not have any recognizable Beatles or Metallica artwork or logos.

Our lawyer is looking over the C&D letter, and the band is meeting tonight (at an undisclosed location) to decide on how to phrase our DMCA counterclaim to our ISP.

Wish us luck!

Posted by: David Dixon | Feb 17, 2005 8:21:05 PM

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