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Advertise on my colon!

Update: The Guardian ran a brief story about the auction (scroll down). Thanks to Mark Blacklock.

Maybe you've heard the recent story about the guy selling ad space on his forehead on eBay. Or the one the woman who auctioned off space on her pregnant belly.

Since these stories became media sensations, eBay has been flooded with copycats -- people trying to sell space on their faces, bald heads, backs, etc. I guess it's a small consolation that most of these morons haven't found their auctions to be nearly as lucrative as their predecessors, with bidding hovering around a dollar or two, at most... but the fact remains that they remain undeterred.  Therefore, at the risk of my dignity, I've decided to step into the fray and auction off ad space on my colon.  Perhaps this way we'll at least get to see an ad in a space where it belongs.


A fellow Brooklynite has come up with what is arguably a more innovative solution to the "forehead advertising" problem: special eyeglasses designed to block the ads (though, as a commentator on one blog suggested, a lead pipe to the head would be more effective).

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