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More on Christo's policy of photographing The Gates

As a followup to my previous post, here's an article from Newsday about Christo's policy of preventing photographers from using images of The Gates commercially.

Jeanne-Claude, whose saffron hair has evoked comparisons to the billowing bright sheets in Central Park, seemed to see red yesterday when a Newsday photographer tried to take the couple's picture in the park's northwest corner..... Jeanne-Claude sternly warned [the photographer] that pictures of the artwork are trademarked and can't be sold.

See our earlier discussion for commentary.

(Via Gothamist)

Posted by carrie on 02/21/2005 | Permalink


$%7#@! flippin' flip, this fraud has the color ORANGE, not 'saffron'. The biggest scam in recent New York memory ($21 mil for some fabric and metal poles! and a park turned into DIA art center for the artistically gullible, not even our beloved hate-object Ratner could pull this off) and people want to photograph the shit? what, will Christo pay for film and developing charges? He should have some spare change. This joke is considered 'interesting' only because of the the park anyway - does Christo have rights on photographing Central Park? It's a public space (and not an art gallery either)! You put your pieces of orange shit in there someone might be stupid enough to take pictures of it - ya shoulda thought about this earlier dear mister conceptual 'artist'. Here's an 'art' idea, feed the entire nation of Uganda for a year - might cost you less than $21 mil too. Plus, we wouldn't have to walk through a vandalized Central Park.

the fact that we're even discussing this folly validates Christo's sorry excuse for 'art' so I better tune out!

Posted by: Jesper | Feb 22, 2005 12:53:35 PM

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